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"Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings"
Season 5, Episode 07
Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings (1).jpg
Air date Movember 06, 2019
Written by Daniel Sinclair & Paul R. Puri
Directed by Jerry Levine
Runtime 41 minutes
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Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings is the seventh episode of Season 5 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Charles and Dr. Halstead sink their teeth into a bloodthirsty case, where a patient who believes that he is a vampire.

Meanwhile, Maggie meets a man while at chemotherapy and also hosts a crawfish party along with Dr. Marcel, to start a new tradition for the staff.

Dr. Manning and Student Dr. Curry deal with a patient with respiratory issues.

While, Dr. Choi's treatment of a military amputee is blocked, when a group of military officers escort his patient back to base. Also, April and Ethan discuss their future about having children.


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