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"When Did We Begin to Change"
Season 6, Episode 1
When Did We Begin to Change (1).jpg
Air date November 11, 2020
Written by Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider
Directed by Michael Pressman
Runtime 41 minutes
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When Did We Begin to Change is the first episode of season 6 of Chicago Med.


As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world, paramedics and hospital staff continue to adjust to the new normal. Dr. Halstead deals with Hannah's latest relapse while he treats an air traffic controller who seemingly has a drinking problem. Dr. Marcel and Dr. Manning treat a young patient whose leukemia has returned, leading to tension due to Crockett's past. April and Dr. Choi are put in charge of the COVID-19 unit and deal with the latest patient to die from the virus. Dr. Charles has recovered after contracting COVID-19 and is ready to return to work, where he provides counseling to the hospital staff, while at home his relationship with Anna continues to remain strained. Sharon is forced to work from home due to her diabetes putting her at risk for COVID-19.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


The episode highlights many aspects of the coronavirus pandemic as it was happening in the fall of 2020, including:

  • The disproportionate effects on minority communities;
  • The discrimination of people with Asian features based on the stigma that they are responsible for spreading the virus;
  • The inability for relatives to be with their dying loved ones;
  • The mental and emotional toll on healthcare workers.

Medical cases

  • Many patients are being treated for COVID-19;
  • Hannah Asher is treated for a heroin overdose;
  • A young teenager named Kellie Lieu is treated for heart failure caused by the chemotherapy medication she is taking to treat her leukemia;
  • A teenager is brought in with a gunshot wound;
  • A woman named Anita Palmer is treated for auto-brewery syndrome.


  • In a scene between Dr. Halstead and Dr. Charles at 28:18, the laptop on Dr. Charles' desk is closed when viewed from Will's perspective, while it is open when viewed from Daniel's perspective.[1]