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"We're Lost in the Dark"
Season 5, Episode 02
We're Lost in the Dark (1).jpg
Air date October 02, 2019
Written by Jeff Drayer
Directed by Alex Chapple
Runtime 41 minutes
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"Never Going Back to Normal"
"In the Valley of the Shadows"

We're Lost in the Dark is the second episode of season 5 of Chicago Med.


A power outage at the hospital puts multiple patients at risk and tests the skills of the staff and their enthusiastic new third-year medical students; Natalie returns following her traumatic brain injury; Ethan and April wonder if a family is in their future.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Nick Ivey as Medical Student Steve

Medical Cases

  • Maggie receives chemotherapy and later becomes overwhelmed when she pushes herself too hard;
  • Dr. Marcel self-administers IV fluids;
  • Paramedic Darren Clark is treated for a hip fracture after his ambulance skids off the road;
  • A man named Richard Lentz is extracted form the same crashed ambulance and is treated for arterial stenosis;
  • A young woman named Lacey Wilson is treated for a seizure induced by an apparent gas leak at her school. When it is learned that there was no gas leak and two of her teammates also come down with the same symptoms, Dr. Charles realizes it is a case of mass hysteria;
  • A young man named Taylor is brought in with a gunshot wound. When he and Dr. Manning get stuck in elevator due to a power outage, she has to perform an emergency thoracotomy;
  • Many patient treatments have to be improvised due to the power outage.

Notes and Trivia

  • Dr. Charles gives his mass hysteria patients a placebo pill in an attempt to calm them down, a practice he has vehemently criticized in the past for breaking doctor-patient trust.