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Dr. Vanessa Taylor is a resident in emergency medicine at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. She is the biological daughter of Maggie Campbell. She is portrayed by Asjha Cooper.


Season 6

Vanessa starts her clinical rotation as a first-year medical student at Med.

Season 7

You Can't Always Trust What You See

Vanessa and Dr. Archer treat a patient with an identical twin sister who insists they be treated exactly the same, including any medical procedures. When the case turns out to have a large psychological component, they hand it off to Dr. Charles. Later on, Vanessa has to pronounce her first patient dead in front of the patient's emotional husband. Maggie breaks their rule of keeping a distance to comfort Vanessa.

Notes and Trivia

  • It is not explained how Vanessa went from being a first-year medical student at the end of Season 6 to a resident at the start of Season 7. (verification needed)



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