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Tommy Charles was the brother of Daniel Charles and father of Matthew Charles. He is usually only mentioned on Chicago Med, although he made one appearance in a home video, in which he was portrayed by Bruch Reed.


Tommy was addicted to heroin and died of an overdose. In Leave the Choice to Solomon, Daniel remarks that he misses his brother and thinks of him every day. At the end, Daniel is seen checking up on Tommy's son Matty after sports practice. It is revealed that Matty was at some point also addicted to drugs, but that he has managed to get clean. He assures Daniel that he is not going to end up like his dad.

In The Ground Shifts Beneath Us, Daniel uses his brother's example to gain support from the executive board for Will Halstead's proposal to open a safe injection site at the hospital. Gwen Garrett and the rest of the board are initially supportive, but later withdraw their support.


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  • It is unknown what type of relationship he had with his mother.
  • It is unknown if he was alive by the time of his nieces birth.