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"Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight"
Season 6, Episode 02
Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight (1).jpg
Air date November 18, 2020
Written by Stephen Hootstein & Daniel Sinclair
Directed by John Polson
Runtime 41 minutes
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"When Did We Begin to Change"
Do You Know the Way Home?

Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight is the second episode of season 6 of Chicago Med.


Goodwin announces a new ED Chief and the choice doesn’t make everyone happy. Dr. Manning takes a stand for her patient and finds herself dealing with the repercussions. Dr. Charles tends to family matters.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Danielle Moné Truitt as Dr. Angela Douglas


This episode continues to highlight the difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic, as well as unfair aspects of the U.S. criminal justice and penal systems:

  • Low-income families being forced to continue working, despite the risk of contracting COVID-19;
  • People being labeled "violent offenders" for relatively minor offenses, such as shoving a police officer during an arrest;
  • Poor medical care and record keeping in penal facilities;
  • Pregnant women being separated from their babies upon returning to jail after giving birth;
  • The backlog of court cases being exacerbated by the pandemic.

Medical Cases

  • A man named Jerome Kirk is brought in after a car accident and is treated for air in his brain (pneumocephaly);
  • A woman named Yesenia Cruz who is also suffering from cardiomyopathy is treated for COVID-19 but quickly deteriorates and passes away;
  • A 24-year-old Cook County Jail inmate named Aisha Barnes who is 37 weeks pregnant is treated for eclampsia and delivers via C-section;
  • Yesenia's Mother Alejandra is brought in, also having contracted the virus.