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"Tell Me the Truth"
Season 4, Episode 18
Tell Me The Truth (1).jpg
Air date April 03, 2019
Written by Story by : Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider

Teleplay by : Andrew Schneider & Gabriel L. Feinberg

Directed by Vincent Misiano
Runtime 42 minutes
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"The Space Between Us"
"Never Let You Go"

Tell Me the Truth is the eighteenth episode of Season 4 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Rhodes receives an alarming phone call that prompts him to rush out in the middle of an important surgery. Dr. Halstead comes to the aid of an FBI agent who is brought into the ER, but he suspects there is more to the story than he is being told. Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi find themselves on opposite sides of a major disagreement over doctor-patient confidentiality.


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