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Susan "Suzy" Charles is the second wife (now ex-wife) of Daniel Charles and the mother of Anna Charles. She is portrayed by Jill Abramovitz.

Season Five

The Ghosts of the Past

Susan calls Daniel to her house where she asks him to take care of Anna for the day. Anna has been suspended from school for vaping, and Suzy admonishes him for not spending any time with her since they returned from Milwaukee a year ago.

Season Six

Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight

Anna calls her father to Suzy's house, saying it's an emergency. Suzy is complaining of stomach pain and initially plays it down, but when she coughs up blood Daniel has her taken to Med, where she is treated for a stomach ulcer. She has an argument with Daniel after Anna reveals to him that she plans on moving herself and Anna to Phoenix.

Do You Know the Way Home?

Susan informs Daniel via video chat that her transfer to Phoenix has gone through. Daniel protests that taking Anna away is a violation of their divorce agreement, but before they can discuss it further he is called away.

Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons

Daniel revealed that Susan won the custody battle and was preparing to move her and Anna to Arizona.

While preparing to move, Daniel confronted her and Susan states Daniel is not always there for Anna. In frustration, he revealed to Susan about Anna's chemical pregnancy, something that left her distraught. At the end of the episode, Susan felt they disconnected and dropped her off to Daniel because he had a better understanding of her. She also states it will be for a while until she comes back, as Daniel tried to talk but she leaves.


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