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Dr. Stevie Hammer is a physician in emergency medicine at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. She is the daughter of Terri Hammer. She is portrayed by Kristen Hager.


Stevie's mother Terri was unable to provide a stable home life, which frequently resulted in them being homeless and having to move around. Despite this, Stevie was able to put herself through medical school and become a doctor. She went to medical school with Will Halstead, where she gained the nickname "The Hammer".

Before transferring to Gaffney she worked at Beaumont Hospital in Grosse Pointe near Detroit.

She is currently in the process of divorcing her husband Andrew.[1]

Season 7

You Can't Always Trust What You See

Stevie teams up with Dr. Scott to treat a young lethargic girl named Jasmine Russell, who they diagnose with having had a mild stroke due to sickle cell anemia. After Stevie initially fails to realize that Jasmine did not receive the appropriate preventative treatment due to bias against African Americans in the healthcare system, she impresses Dr. Scott by deducing that Jasmine's mother Aleesha is suffering from advanced arthritis because she has been living in her car to survive.

At the end of the episode, Stevie is seen visiting her mother Terri in the homeless camp where she is now living after her van broke down. Terri reluctantly lets Stevie do a medical exam and shares that she has run out of pills. Stevie begs her mother to get off the street but she refuses, saying she can take care of herself.



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