Dr. Sarah Reese
Sarah Reese Season 3
Full Name
Sarah Reese
1st Year Psychiatry Resident
Marital Status
Robert Haywood (father)
Unnamed mother
Joey Thomas (ex-boyfriend)
1, 2, 3
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61 episodes (see below)
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Sarah Reese is a psychiatric resident. She did her internship in the E.D. at Gaffney Chicago Med. She quit her Pathology Match the day she got the job and later returned to take the psychiatric residency that Dr. Charles offered her. She is portrayed by Rachel DiPillo.


Reese was raised mostly by her mother, as her father left them when she was six. Eventually she attended medical school, ending up at Chicago Med during her fourth year.

When Season 2 begins, Sarah is working at a coffee shop as a barista until she is offered a residency in Psychiatry with Dr. Daniel Charles. Although initially hesitant, Sarah accepts after a trial period. She still struggles with her own perceived ineptitude throughout the season, but has made significant strides towards being a good psychiatrist in training.

Season 1

In the first episode it's clear that Sarah has some difficulties dealing with "live" patients. She is forced to act quickly as the little girl, she and Dr. Manning were taking care of starts to code abruptly. Reese performs CPR inadequately until Dr. Choi corrects her form. She breaks the little girl's ribs, and although horrified, it saves her life. Later on, Dr. Rhodes finds Reese practicing central line on a doll and shares with her that he missed it many times before he finally got the hand of it. Reese is frustrated because she never misses on the doll but in live patients it's so different. She also shares with Rhodes that if the rotation weren't mandatory she would be in pathology. However, Rhodes tells her that that's what every student feels once they start working with live patients, even he did at some point.

She also struggles to talk to patients and their families about the procedures and diagnostics she tends to be very technical and not clear enough for someone who lacks medical knowledge.

On 1x03, Dr. Zanetti asks her to start a femoral line but she takes too long, so Samantha takes over. Realizing she isn't okay, Dr. Rhodes asks for her help to splint the piece of glass on the patient's shoulder. Later on, she asks Maggie for help with an IV as she already had three attempts and wasn't able to find the vein. At the end of the episode, Maggie calls Reese to one of the rooms, and tells Sarah she has a mental block with needles so she wants her to draw her some of her blood.

On 1x05, Reese meets Joey while they are both getting coffee and she snaps the last pack of splenda. Later on, she goes to the lab to ask for some tests and it's revealed that is Joey's workplace. He is a pathologist. Reese asks him to deliver the results of the tests as fast as he can. She thanks him and attempts to invite him for coffee, but he is long gone.

In the Season Finale, Reese finally decides to quit pathology and embrace the hectic life of the ED with live patients, even if it means having no job.

Season 2

After rejecting pathology Dr. Reese was basically unemployed at the end of season one. At the beginning of this season, she's working as a barista but not for long. Dr. Charles comes to visit her and he offers her an opening in Psychiatry.

Season 3

Reese is reunited with her father Robert Haywood.

Season 4

At the start of Season 4, Reese decided to pursue her psychiatry residency at another hospital. This is after learning that her estranged dad Robert Haywood, — who showed up hoping to reconnect with her, is a serial killer. Her decision was also help by the matter that Dr. Charles nearly let him die after learning the disturbing truth.

Memorable Quotes

  • (to Dr. Charles): "I just quit pathology."
  • (to Dr. Charles): "I am not quitting. I am sticking with this all the way!"


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