Sam Abrams

Dr. Sam Abrams is the head of neurosurgery at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.


Season 1

Dr. Abrams disagrees with the new rules, defending that new generation doctors should work through tiredness.

Season 5

When coming back from a conference in Honolulu, Sam is believed in a plane crash causing him to suffer from major burns. He's taken to Chicago Gaffney where he's treated, but his wife is told that he will never fully recover and she decides to pull the plug.

It's then revealed that Sam was never on that flight as he decided to stay longer and the person in Sam's seat was a sales rep who was also at the conference. (The Ground Shifts Beneath Us)


  • Sam's wife, Michelle, describes him as fiercely independent and decided to take him off life support as he would never be able to be independent again. Sam agreed with her decision. 


Season 1 Appearances

"iNo" "Fallback" "Mistaken"

"Bound" "Saints" "Reunion" "Choices" "Clarity"
"Intervention" "Guilty" "Us" "Hearts" "Inheritance"
"Disorder" "Withdrawal" "Timing"

Season 2 Appearances
"Soul Care" "Win Loss" "Natural History" "Brother's Keeper" "Extreme Measures"
"Alternative Medicine"

"Inherent Bias" "Free Will" "Uncharted Territory" "Heart Matters"

"Graveyard Shift"

"Mirror Mirror" "Theseus' Ship" "Cold Front" "Lose Yourself"

"Prisoner's Dilemma"

"Monday Mourning"

"Lesson Learned" "Ctrl Alt"

"Generation Gap"
"Deliver Us" "White Butterflies" "Love Hurts"
Season 3 Appearances
"Speak Your Truth" "Nothing to Fear" "Trust Your Gut" "Naughty or Nice" "Mountains And Molehills"

"Ties That Bind"

"Over Troubled Water" "Lemons and Lemonade" "On Shaky Ground"

"Down By Law"

"Folie à Deux" "Born This Way"

"Best Laid Plans" "Lock It Down"

"Devil In Disguise"
"An Inconvenient Truth" "The Parent Trap" "This Is Now" "Crisis Of Confidence" "The Tipping Point"
Season 4 Appearances
"Be My Better Half" "When To Let Go"

"Heavy Is The Head" "Backed Against The Wall" "What You Don't Know"
"Lesser of Two Evils" "The Poison Inside Us" "Play By My Rules"

"Death Do Us Part"

"All The Lonely People"
"Who Can You Trust" "The Things We Do" "Ghosts in the Attic" "Can't Unring That Bell"

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