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Dr. Sabeena Virani is a cardiologist working for Kender Pharma. For a time she worked together with Will Halstead on a clinical drug trial for a new heart failure medication. She was portrayed by Tehmina Sunny.

Season Six

When Did We Begin to Change

Dr. Virani approaches Will Halstead to remind him of an appointment they had in the cardiology department. She is looking for an ED doctor to be the co-principal investigator on her clinical trial. Will declines, saying he already has too much going on.

Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight

When Will is passed over for the position of head of the ED in favor of Ethan, he approaches Sabeena when he sees her leaving the ED, appearing to reconsider her offer of working with her.

Do You Know the Way Home?

Sabeena and Will discuss the start of the clinical trial.


Season 6
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