Robin Charles is an epidemiologist at Chicago Med. She was falsely diagnosed with schizophrenia, but it was later discovered to have an organic cause; a benign mediastinal teratoma.


Robin Charles is the daughter of Daniel Charles and one of his ex-wives, though she has a strained relationship with her father. Through her father she has a younger half-sister, Anna.

Season 2

She first appeared in episode 4, "Brother's Keeper".

Robin is readmitted to the hospital after having an episode while staying with Connor. Sarah believes that her illness may not be a psychological issue, but she runs tests which all come back negative. Her father suggests a paraneoplastic syndrome which turns out to be the right diagnosis. She has the tumour removed. When she wakes up, she sits with her father and appears to be remarkably better. (Love Hurts)

Season 3

Robin is released from the hospital after a few months of treatments. She's warned about the side effects, which Connor begins to recognise when they get home -hypersexuality. (Speak Your Truth)

Robin appears to be okay. She worries about her condition after believing she was hearing rats in the ceiling of her office on her first day back at work, but it turns out to be a problem with the air conditioning which was causing a problem.

Robin tells Connor that she's been shopping a lot more recently, mostly impulse purchases. However, Connor gets a call from someone at his father's shop that they've detained her as they caught her attempting to shoplift. She breaks down, saying that she doesn't know what's going on with her.

Robin leaves a note for Connor to say that she's leaving. Her father takes her to the airport where she flies to Minneapolis in order to be with her mother. (Ties That Bind)

Season 4

Returned in episode 15, "We Hold These Truths".


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