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Prisoner's Dilemma
Season 2, Episode 16
Prisoner's Dilemma.jpg
Air date March 9, 2017
Written by Joseph Sousa
Directed by Laura Belsey
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"Lose Yourself"
"Monday Mourning"

Prisoner's Dilemma is the sixteenth episode of Season 2 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Manning treats a comatose patient who was sexually abused and is now pregnant, but later discovers that the patient has been in a paralyzed state after a suspected stroke. After an educational visit to a psychiatric facility, Dr. Reese finds one of the teens there has harmed herself as a means to see her and soon comes to believe the patient was wrongly admitted to the psychiatric facility. Also, Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Latham operate on a young girl who collapsed mid-flight while Dr. Choi, April, and Clarke treat the girl's mother, who has ingested balloons of cocaine.


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Title Origin

The Prisoner's Dilemma is the standard example game theory -a branch of mathematics which is concentrated on strategic integration and rational decision making- which states that two people can make decisions in order to maximise their personal gains but ultimately leads to the overall worst outcome.

It's based on two people who commit a crime together and who get different sentences based upon if they both confess or keep silent. If they both keep silent then they get a short sentence -such as a year- and if they both confess then they both get a longer sentence -such as five years- but if one confesses and the other doesn't then the confessor goes free and the silent one gets a long sentence -such as eight years. As a result, each one is individually better off for confessing but that leads to the longest total time in prison.