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"Pain is For the Living"
Season 5, Episode 13
Pain is For the Living (1).jpeg
Air date February 05, 2020
Written by Eli Talbert
Directed by Vincent Misiano
Runtime 41 minutes
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"It May Not Be Forever"

Pain is For the Living is the thirteenth episode of Season 5 of Chicago Med.


Two brothers in critical condition are rushed into the hospital by their parents, leaving Dr. Choi, April and Dr. Charles to tend to their care and left to piece together what actually transpired.

Dr. Manning grows suspicious of a new mother entering the E.D., who shows no emotion when her child is diagnosed with a stomach condition.

Meanwhile, Dr. Halstead's tireless activities at the safe injection site start to take a toll on his work. And is shocked to discover that one of his addicts is a doctor in the ED.


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