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=== Guest Stars ===
=== Guest Stars ===
* Ato Essoandoh as Dr. Isidore Latham
* [[Ato Essoandoh]] as Dr. [[Isidore Latham]]
* [[Jeff Hephner]] as [[Jeff Clarke]]
* [[Jeff Hephner]] as [[Jeff Clarke]]
* Patti Murin as Dr. Nina Shore
* [[Patti Murin]] as Dr. [[Nina Shore]]
* Alexandra Grey as Denise Lockwood
* [[Alexandra Grey]] as Denise Lockwood
* Marie Weiss as Amanda Kendrick-Dobbs
* [[Marie Weiss]] as Amanda Kendrick-Dobbs
* Brian Grey as Mr. Dobbs
* [[Brian Grey]] as Mr. Dobbs
* Kanya Iwana as Farah
* [[Kanya Iwana]] as Farah
* Kara Killmer as [[Sylvie Brett]]
* [[Kara Killmer]] as [[Sylvie Brett]]
[[Category:Season 2]]
[[Category:Season 2]]

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Natural History
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date October 6, 2016
Written by Stephen Hootstein
Danny Weiss
Directed by Michael Waxman
Runtime 43 min
Episode Guide
"Win Loss"
"Brother's Keeper"

"Natural History" is the third episode of Season Two of Chicago Med.

Plot Summary

Dr. Manning and fourth-year medical student Jeff Clarke are forced to figure out a mystery illness when an Indonesian man who doesn't speak English arrives at the hospital in dire straights.

Maggie takes Dr. Halstead to her family reunion where he meets her sibling Denise and uncovers deep-rooted family secrets.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rhodes takes on a complicated heart surgery without consulting Dr. Latham and Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles encounter a woman experiencing an unusual pregnancy.



Guest Stars