"Mountains And Molehills"
Season 3, Episode 05
Mountains And Molehills 4
Air date January 2, 2018
Written by Stephen Hootstein & Meridith Friedman
Directed by Michael Waxman
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"Ties That Bind"

Mountains And Molehills is the fifth episode of Season 3 of Chicago Med.


A young woman without insurance refuses to take a HIV test, Dr. Choi and Goodwin try to treat her without draining the hospital's resources. Meanwhile, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead attempt to diagnose a young girl with symptoms of increasing paralysis. Dr. Sexton experiences his first death as a resident. While, Dr. Reese continues to avoid work due to her increasing fears over the hospital's security.


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Chicago Med 3x05 Promo "Mountains And Molehills"

Chicago Med 3x05 Promo "Mountains And Molehills"