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Template:Infobox Character Michael Goodwin is a clinical device specialist for the biosystems division of Kender Pharma. He is the son of Sharon Goodwin and her ex-husband Bert Goodwin. He is portrayed by Hampton Fluker.

Season Five

In the Name of Love

Michael comes to Chicago to interview for a sales job with Kender Pharma. While meeting his mother for dinner that night, he is annoyed to find out that Sharon has also invited his father, and he threatens to leave. He harbors a lot of resentment for Bert for walking out on his marriage to his mother. Sharon explains that there are always two sides to a story, and that a relationship ending is always complicated, especially after thirty-five years.

Just a River in Egypt

Michael has been hired for the position of clinical device specialist at Kender Pharma. Sharon is initially happy for him, but she becomes uncomfortable when Michael starts asking her for personal details of the doctors on her staff so he can more easily make sales. Dr. Lanik mentions his appreciation to Sharon for Michael getting him a bottle of malt whiskey, saying he is a great salesman.


Season 5 Appearances
"Never Going Back to Normal" "We're Lost in the Dark" "In the Valley of the Shadows" "Infection: Part II" "Got a Friend in Me"
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"Just a River in Egypt"

"A Needle in the Heart"