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Dr. Maia Frisch is a pediatrician at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. She is portrayed by Emma Duncan.

Season Five

I Can't Imagine the Future

Maia refuses to operate on Sophie Davis, considering it too risky due to Sophie's DNR. Dr. Latham performs the surgery instead and is successful.


Season 3 Appearances
"Speak Your Truth" "Nothing to Fear" "Trust Your Gut" "Naughty or Nice" "Mountains And Molehills"
"Ties That Bind" "Over Troubled Water" "Lemons and Lemonade" "On Shaky Ground" "Down By Law"
"Folie à Deux" "Born This Way" "Best Laid Plans" "Lock It Down" "Devil In Disguise"

"An Inconvenient Truth"

"The Parent Trap" "This Is Now" "Crisis Of Confidence"

"The Tipping Point"

Season 5 Appearances
"Never Going Back to Normal" "We're Lost in the Dark" "In the Valley of the Shadows" "Infection: Part II" "Got a Friend in Me"
"It's All in the Family" "Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings" "Too Close to the Sun" "I Can’t Imagine the Future"

"Guess it Doesn't Matter Anymore"
"The Ground Shifts Beneath Us" "Leave the Choice to Solomon" "Pain is For the Living" "It May Not Be Forever" "I Will Do No Harm"
"Who Should Be the Judge" "The Ghosts of the Past" "In the Name of Love" "Just a River in Egypt" "A Needle in the Heart"