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Love Hurts
Season 2, Episode 23
Love Hurts 16.jpg
Air date May 11, 2017
Written by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas
Directed by Michael Waxman
Runtime 1 hour
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Love Hurts is the twenty-third episode of season 2 of Chicago Med.


Robyn is admitted back to the psychiatric facility, however Dr. Reese takes a different approach into her treatment. She soon discovers that she has a tumor that might be causing her psychological outbursts. Meanwhile, Dr. Halstead tries to mask and control his feelings for Dr. Manning when working with a refugee patient. Also, April tries to avoid Dr. Choi following his pass towards her.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Ending and Major Plot Points:(SPOILERS)

  • Will breaks up with Nina because of Natalie and they dance at Noah's party.
  • (The patient they treated, Marwan Hadad begins to get better)
  • Choi and April kiss at Noah's party after a very awkward day.
  • Sarah and Noah dance playfully at his party.
  • Robyn is fine after the benign medistinal teratoma is removed.
  • Connor and Dr. Charles forgive each other.
  • Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker call it a draw for the first day
  • When Dr. Charles leaves the hospital he is shot by Jack Kellog in the abdomen.

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