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Love Hurts is the twenty-third and final episode of Season 2 of Chicago Med.


Robin is admitted back to the psychiatric facility, but Dr. Reese takes a different approach to her treatment and soon discovers a different cause to Robin's symptoms. Dr. Halstead tries to mask and control his feelings for Dr. Manning when working with her on a refugee patient. April tries to avoid Dr. Choi following his pass towards her. Dr. Ava Bekker joins the surgical team.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Paola Sanchez Abreu as Sammie Sullivan
  • Stephanie Quirk as Morgan
  • Emily Lane as Christina Bayliss
  • Michael Fry as Don Crocker
  • Salim Jabali as Marwan Haddad
  • Aniria Turney as Amira Haddad
  • Paul Farahvar as Karam Haddad
  • James Barbee as Waiting Patient
  • Paula Anglin as April's Mom
  • Bobbin Bergstrom as X-Ray Tech



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