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Dr. Lonnie Richardson is a psychiatrist working for The Fischer Group. She was portrayed by Nora Dunn.

Season 1 and 2

Lonnie is infrequently seen having short chats with Daniel Charles, who is her client.

Season 7

Daniel attempts to reconnect with Lonnie in order to resume his therapy sessions. Daniel is initially baffled that Lonnie is doing everything to keep him at arm's length, and eventually gets her to confess that she does not want to be his therapist anymore because she has developed feelings for him. After some initial hesitation, the two decide to start dating.

Daniel struggles to disclose his new relationship to his daughter Anna, but when he eventually does she is surprisingly understanding. However, before Anna can meet Lonnie again Daniel decides to break off the relationship due to Lonnie knowing too much about him and his personality, which made him feel too vulnerable.

It is also mentioned by Anna (but now shown) that Daniel and Anna did family therapy with Lonnie, presumably together with Susan Charles.


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