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Jeff Clarke is a former medical student at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. He was portrayed by Jeff Hephner.


Jeff Clarke is a former U.S. Marine and Firefighter/Lieutenant from Firehouse 25, Firehouse 33, and Firehouse 51. He first appeared on Chicago Fire.

After injuring his back on the firefighting job, Jeff enrolled into medical school. He completed his internship at Gaffney and then moved to working in emergency medicine at an emergency department in Maui, Hawaii. His first appearance is in the season one finale "Timing".

To read more about his firefighter career, visit his Chicago Fire wiki page here.

Season 1

Jeff appears in the season one finale as one of the new medical students in the E.D. He is revealed to have been friends with Natalie Manning and her late husband, also named Jeff. He was Jeffrey Manning's best friend.

Season 2

In Soul Care, Jeff is shown to be eager to get involved with E.D cases. However, he is frustrated by the fact that Will Halstead will not allow him to take the lead. The two argue after Jeff performs a procedure on a patient without consent from a doctor, which is against hospital policy. It is hinted that the animosity between the two may stem from their mutual attraction to Natalie. At the end of the episode, Jeff and Natalie leave Molly's and go back to his apartment together.

It is revealed in Win Loss that Jeff and Natalie's husband served together in the U.S. Marine Corp. During this episode, Jeff assists Dr. Choi with patients affected by gang violence. He and Natalie spend the night together again.

In Brother's Keeper, Jeff and Natalie drive to work together but leave the car separately to try and keep their relationship secret, although Will tells Natalie that everybody from the E.D staff to "the crazy guy out front who thinks he's Jesus" already knows.


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