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Dr. Jason Wheeler was a resident in Emergency Medicine at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. He was portrayed by Jürgen Hooper.


Jason was shown to seriously struggle working in the ER, turning to alcohol and drugs in order to cope. Once he turned to alcohol, he continued to make more mistakes with his patients and lost confidence in his ability to perform medicine.

Three patients come in with an unknown drug overdose and eventually end up dead or critically disabled. He has to be dragged away by Dr. Halstead as he was drunk and ends up throwing up as well. (Graveyard Shift)

He asks Sarah Reese about being in psychiatry as he's not sure he's suited for working in the ER, following missing a problem with one of the pregnant patients which causes a shortage of O-negative blood, leading to them having to ration out what they had next. He asks Sarah to prescribe him a benzodiazepine, but she refuses to do so without the permission of Dr. Charles. (Cold Front)

He asks Sarah briefly about what it's like to get therapy, but is interrupted before she's able to answer the question. (Prisoner's Dilemma)

Jason walks into the hospital one morning, smiling and saying hello to everyone. He walks to the balcony on the 10th floor, climbs up onto the edge, and walks over the edge. He dies upon impact. (Monday Mourning)


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