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Dr. James "Jimmy" Lanik is currently the Chief of Trauma Surgery, formerly the interim chief of the Emergency Department at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. He is portrayed by Nate Santana.


Lanik was initially hired as the new head of trauma surgery, succeeding Connor Rhodes. However, he was quickly promoted to interim head of the ED when Gwen Garrett refused to renew his predecessor Stanley Stohl's contract.

Initially he butted heads with many of his colleagues, especially Connor Rhodes. He was perceived as spineless and cowardly for refusing to do the right thing, especially when it was not in the hospital's financial best interest. He was regarded as a "snitch" for Gwen Garrett.

Throughout season 4 and 5 he continued to have an adversarial relationship with most of his staff. At the beginning of season 6 he steps down due to the pressure from the coronavirus pandemic, and becomes Chief of Trauma Surgery.

Season Five

Never Going Back to Normal

Lanik treats Tim Burke after his attack on Will and Natalie in Will's car.

We're Lost in the Dark

Lanik welcomes back Natalie for her first shift after her TBI, forcing her to work a half shift even though she deems it unnecessary. He and Natalie treat a teenager who is brought in with a gunshot wound. When Natalie offers to help stabilize the patient, Lanik sidelines her and orders her to transfer the patient up to surgery, which is normally a nurse's job. After Natalie performs an emergency thoracotomy on the patient in a stuck elevator, he congratulates her on her success, but adds that he is still keeping his eye on her.

Season Six

When Did We Begin to Change

Lanik clashes with Ethan and April over whether to allocate the last ECMO machine to a dying COVID-19 patient. He refuses to allocate the machine because it will not change the patient's outcome.

Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight

Lanik has stepped down due to the pressure from the coronavirus pandemic, and Ethan is named the new head of the ED. It is unclear whether Lanik continued in a different role, or whether he left the hospital altogether.

Do You Know the Way Home

Lanik is seen in surgeon scrubs, and the title under his name says Chief of Trauma Surgery.

Memorable Quotes

(to paramedics about Tim Burke): "Hey - he dies en route? Wouldn't break my heart."


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