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Jack Kellog was a patient at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center under the care of Daniel Charles. He was portrayed by Scott Morehead.

Season Two

Cold Front

Jack Kellog turns up in the ED waiting room during a snow storm when the doctors are focused on treating victims of a car crash. He screams at the nurses that he has only come to have his medication refilled, but the doctors don't have time for him. He catches the eye of Dr. Charles who briefly talks with him, but is pulled away for another case. Jack leaves the ER in anger.

Jack's 'brother' calls the hospital claiming that Jack has killed himself as a result of not getting access to his medication. However, it was later revealed that he did this as a stunt in order to get the attention of Dr. Charles. As a result, Dr. Charles puts him on a 72 hour psychiatric hold and promises to treat him, saying that he was unable to give him his medication as he was unsure of what he needed and in what dosage. He diagnoses him as a malignant sociopath.

Love Hurts

Jack turns up at the ER again, wanting to get some help from Dr. Charles. He, however, is dealing with his daughter's illness and surgery at the time and isn't available. Jack insists on seeing Dr. Charles, who promised him that he'd be able to see him at any time, but doesn't. He shoots Dr. Charles in the stomach outside the hospital, and then attempts to shoot himself in the head.

Season Three

Speak Your Truth

Following the shooting, both Dr. Charles and Jack Kellog make a full recovery. Months later, Jack is on trial for shooting Dr. Charles. Dr. Charles takes to the stand and says that at that moment in time, Jack was legally insane and hence should not be found guilty and instead be sent to a mental health institution. However, Sarah Reese disagrees with this diagnosis, as do other doctors, and takes to the stand to say that he is a narcissist who wants to manipulate his way out of being imprisoned. Jack stands up and verbally attacks her, having to be held back by guards. He is found guilty and sent to prison, to Dr. Charles' dismay and Sarah's satisfaction.

Jack is killed by another inmate while in prison.


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