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"It May Not Be Forever"
Season 5, Episode 14
It May Not Be Forever (1).jpeg
Air date February 12, 2020
Written by Daniel Sinclair & Paul R. Puri
Directed by Elodie Keene
Runtime 41 minutes
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"Pain is For the Living"
"I Will Do No Harm"

It May Not Be Forever is the fourteenth episode of Season 5 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Manning and Dr. Marcel disagree over a patient who is involved in a domestic dispute.

Meanwhile, Dr. Halstead struggles with ethics and his decision to work at the safe injection site.

Dr. Charles and Elsa takeover another doctors patient, who is in a vegetative state, when they suspect that they maybe have been misdiagnosed.

Also, Dr. Choi and April treat a patient who had an allergy towards her husbands semen.


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