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"In the Valley of the Shadows"
Season 5, Episode 03
In the Valley of the Shadows (1).jpg
Air date October 09, 2019
Written by Stephen Hootstein
Directed by Charles S. Carroll
Runtime 41 minutes
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"We're Lost in the Dark"
"Infection: Part II"

In the Valley of the Shadows is the third episode of season 5 of Chicago Med.


April and Dr. Marcel get off to a rocky start when tending to a patient who has just given child’s birth. Dr. Choi deals with a patient who has terminal cancer trying to deliberately end his own life. Dr. Manning deals with a patient with second degree burns. Maggie trains a new nurse. After falling and fracturing her wrist at home, CeCe comes to terms with her own mortality.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kimberly Michelle Vaughn as Nurse Paula Wilcox
  • Zachary Keller as Todd Shepard (credited as Zachary T. Keller)
  • Mariah Bozeman as Keisha Jones
  • Anne Thompson as Nicole Burke


The episode deals with characters facing their own or a loved one's mortality:

  • CeCe refuses to waste the little time she has left wearing a cast on her broken wrist, instead pushing for a quicker but much more risky surgical treatment;
  • A delusional woman who lost her own son to leukemia cuts a baby out of a pregnant woman's uterus and claims it as her own;
  • A young man with terminal brain cancer prepares to have himself cryonically frozen in hopes that there will be a cure for him in the future, despite his parents objections.

Medical Cases

  • CeCe is treated for a broken wrist;
  • A young man with terminal brain cancer named Todd Shepard is revived but then eventually allowed to pass away so his brain can by cryonically frozen in hopes of finding a cure in the future;
  • A young girl named Keisha Jones is treated for a second degree leg burn and adrenal insufficiency;
  • A newborn baby is revived after being brought in by a woman named Nicole Burke who claims she is her mother. Nicole is treated for a hand laceration;
  • A young woman named Louisa Nash is treated for an eviscerated abdomen and uterus, revealing her to be the mother of the newborn baby.