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"In the Name of Love"
Season 5, Episode 18
In the Name of Love (1).jpeg
Air date March 25, 2020
Written by Meridith Friedman
Directed by S.J. Main Muñoz
Runtime 41 minutes
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"The Ghosts of the Past"
"Just a River in Egypt"

In the Name of Love is the eighteenth episode of Season 5 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Charles and Goodwin fear Dr. Halstead is repeating his past mistakes when a patient with early-onset Alzheimer's is brought into the E.D., and Dr. Halstead begins to mistreat a patient

Meanwhile, Maggie and Ben become concerned when one of Ben's students is admitted, and discover that he hasn't been receiving treatment for his stomach.

Dr. Manning and Dr. Marcel treat a terminally ill patient and disagree over the best course of action, when the patient wants to have a difficult surgery.

Also, April and Ethan's relationship begins to deteriorate following the fallout of April's confession.


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