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Dr. Hannah Asher is a former obstetrician-gynecologist at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. She was portrayed by Jessy Schram.


Hannah was able to conceal her addiction to heroin from her colleagues until Will Halstead encountered her at a safe injection site where he was volunteering. Initially this led to strain in their working relationship, with Will threatening to report her and being uncomfortable with her treating patients. Will came to care about Hannah and they eventually developed a romantic relationship, but Hannah continued to use deception and manipulation to conceal her addiction, until Will had her arrested and put into rehab by calling in an anonymous tip to police who found drugs in her car.

She struggled during rehab, being forced to quit cold-turkey without the use of methadone because of being a health care professional. After pulling through, she and Will resumed their relationship, but Will worried that Hannah was replacing an addiction to heroin with an addiction to love. At the beginning of season 6 she was brought into the ED, again having suffered a relapse and an overdose. She decided to go into rehab again and to afterwards leave Chicago.

Season Five

Pain is For the Living

Hannah meets Will at an offset med center and treated her addiction to drugs. He was later shocked to discover Hannah is a doctor and was skeptical of her methods.

I Will Do No Harm

Hannah and Will come to blows, when they threaten to expose each others unethical deeds.

However, they soon come to understanding later when Will promised to help her with her condition. Touched by his consideration, Hannah invited him to her apartment.

Who Should Be the Judge

Hannah was late for surgery and Will was angry with her and she tried to excuse her act but he yelled at her about this even calling their encounter a mistake, to her anger. Will went as far is nearly exposing her habits to the superiors.

The Ghosts of the Past

However, Will regrets his choice and the pair reconcile with him staying over more. When meeting someone from her past, he is upset but learns he needs to stop being critical and let her find herself. At the end, he surprises Hannah with his belief in her road to recovery and they share a hug.

Season Six

When Did We Begin to Change

After an argument with Will, Hannah relapses and is brought into the ED by Will to be treated for a heroin overdose. Before she is brought into surgery, Will tells her that he loves her and hopes for her to come through. Hannah eventually wakes up and shares a moment with Will, apologizing for letting him down. She is touched by him voicing relief at her pulling through. She also reveals that she could hear him when she was brought in, thanking him for telling her that he loves her, but that she has decided to go into rehab. Afterwards, Hannah decides to leave Chicago, because she thinks she will never be able to rise above the stigma of being a drug addict. She asked for Will to come with her but notes that he most likely would not go, something that he confirms. Will tells Hannah that he does not want to be the anchor to her sobriety but does wish her luck in her endeavors.


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"Pain is For the Living"

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