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Gwen Garrett is the Chief Operating Officer of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. She is portrayed by Heather Headley.


Gwen is a ruthless business woman who has no qualms about putting financial interests above patient welfare, which frequently puts her at odds with Sharon Goodwin. She is furious whenever Sharon undermines her, in one instance going so far as to fire Dr. Stohl in an act of retaliation.

During season 4 she appears pregnant, giving birth to her son Devon some time during the beginning of season 5. As of season 5, she and her husband Matt are going through an ugly divorce and custody battle, which is exacerbated by the events of The Ground Shifts Beneath Us.

Season Five

The Ground Shifts Beneath Us

Gwen arrives to the hospital parking garage on her phone and stressed. When Natalie passes by her car later, she notices a baby has been left to freeze in the back seat. She takes the baby into the ED and it is quickly discovered to be Gwen's 8 month old son Devon, who is severely hypothermic. Gwen is comforted by Sharon who shares a similar story from her childhood, but Sharon is shocked when Gwen's husband Matt arrives and she learns that Gwen is not planning on telling him the truth about what happened.

Gwen and the rest of the executive board are initially very receptive when Will and Dr. Charles make a compelling case for opening a safe injection site at the hospital, but Sharon is perplexed when she realizes Gwen is using her approval as a bargaining chip in exchange for Sharon not telling her husband the truth. When Natalie comes clean with Matt, Gwen becomes furious and tells Sharon she can "forget about her pet project."

Notes and Trivia

  • Gwen is a Harvard graduate.


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