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"Ghosts in the Attic"
Season 4, Episode 13
Ghosts in the Attic (1).jpg
Air date February 06, 2019
Written by Story by : Stephen Hootstein & Joseph Sousa

Teleplay by : Stephen Hootstein & Joseph Sousa & Jason Cho

Directed by Michael Pressman
Runtime 42 minutes
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"The Things We Do"
"Can't Unring That Bell"

Ghosts in the Attic is the thriteenth episode of Season 4 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Halstead withholds some important information from Dr. Manning and she begins to question his suspect behavior. Dr. Choi comes to some difficult conclusions involving April over a patient's care. An incident in the OR involving Dr. Bekker at the hands of Dr. Rhodes may have serious implications.


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