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Template:Infobox character Emily Choi is Ethan Choi's younger sister. She is portrayed by Arden Cho.


Emily was adopted by the Choi family as a young child. She and her brother became estranged due to her lifestyle as she was a semi-professional gambler, as well as unpredictable and unreliable. She spent a year in Rio de Janeiro, where she learned to speak some Portuguese.

Season 3

Born This Way

Emily is first shown after Ethan shows up at her home unannounced in an effort to rekindle their relationship. They have not seen each other for a few years, but she lets him in to talk.

Best Laid Plans

Emily meets April for the first time when Ethan brings her to April's cousin's birthday party. She then meets Noah, whom she challenges to dance with her on the dance floor.

Devil In Disguise

Emily shows up at the hospital, telling Ethan and April that she was evicted from her home. This happened because she was not paying her rent as an act of protest when her landlord refused to fix her sink. Ethan reluctantly agrees to let her crash at his place for a couple of days. When April and Ethan arrive at his apartment later, they find that Emily has made them dinner, from the chicken in his freezer. April then finds out Emily had people over, breaking her promise to Ethan, which she agrees to keep a secret. Emily, Ethan and April then have dinner together.

This Is Now

She becomes a volunteer at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

Crisis Of Confidence

In the aftermath of a shooting, she is accused of stealing percocet from the ED's medicine cabinet. Because of Ethan's distrust, she decides to leave for Las Vegas.

The Tipping Point

Emily is found sleeping and severely ill at the homeless camp by Ethan and April, having contracted hepatitis A along with most other residents of the camp. She reveals that she lied about going to Las Vegas. She is treated for her hepatitis at Chicago Med, along with many other residents of the camp.


Season 3 Appearances
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"Ties That Bind" "Over Troubled Water" "Lemons and Lemonade" "On Shaky Ground" "Down By Law"
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"Best Laid Plans"

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"Crisis Of Confidence"

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