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Template:Infobox characterElsa Curry is a third-year medical student at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. She is portrayed by Molly Bernard.


Elsa is an intelligent, know-it-all, intense and overconfident med student. She is described as the shiniest penny in every room, and is not shy about letting you know it.

Her impatience and arrogance may be grating at first, but she has a bright future of medicine ahead of her.

She tries to maintain a stoic manner, as seen when she bluntly told a mother about the risks of certain medicine. However, when she had to comfort the mother who broke down, her composure fell apart and she reveals the issue really bothered her and she broke down in tears after telling Natalie about it. She also reveals that while everyone may think that she can be cold she’s actually more emotionally fragile then she gives off.


She is currently a third-year medical student who is starting her clinical rotation at the start of Season 4.

Season 4

She first appears in Be My Better Half, where she starts her clinical rotation.

Season 5

Elsa is shadowing Will and Natalie in their practices.

In Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings, Elsa helps Natalie with a patient and bluntly tells a mother the risks of putting her daughter on a certain medicine. However, she is surprised by the mother hugging her in grief after the death of her daughter. Unsure of what to do, Elsa hugs the mother to comfort her. Natalie later finds Elsa on the roof where Elsa breaks down about the whole experience and reveals her guilt at not being sincere and how she she can do much to help the mother and her time of need. At the end, she attends a crawfish party hosted by Crockett. She is still sad before Will approaches her, Elsa talks with Will and takes an interest in him after he tells her they can be casual off-duty. She shows Will how to eat a crawfish and they share a laugh.

During Too Close to the Sun, Elsa makes an attempt at asking Will out on a date and go to a concert but an emergency requires his immediate attention. Elsa had concerns about Will’s methods and argue with him. However, his methods turned out to be accurate and she apologizes for being wrong but he forgave her since he had an affinity for it. She was left amazed by him, her interest clearly growing. She later attempts to ask him out but is disappointed to see he already made plans with another woman and backs out.


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"Be My Better Half"

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  • Elsa appears to have a crush on Will, as seen in Season 5.