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Don't Want to Face This Now
Season 6, Episode 06
Don't Want to Face This Now (1).jpg
Air date February 10, 2021
Written by Melissa R. Byer & Treena Hancock
Directed by Milena Govich
Runtime 41 minutes
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Don't Want to Face This Now is the sixth episode of Season 6 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Choi helps a patient with chronic pain find a solution. Dr. Halstead considers a new path. Dr. Charles and Anna bond over a scary situation.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Burgess Jenkins as Dr. Todd Lowry
  • Bella Wholey Ortiz as Isabella
  • Stephen Spencer as Dr. Tom Mayfield
  • John Kelly as Edward Gessner
  • Brooke Reams as Scrub Nurse Holly Palmer
  • Adam Poss as Dr. Dylan Driskell
  • Ilyssa Fradin as Dr. Kimberly Gillin


  • Dr. Charles learns of Anna being pregnant and that her issues with him stems from his neglect because of his fighting with her mother.
  • Anna loses her baby, due to health issues.
    • However, Anna is thankful that her father was there for her and seems to reconcile with him.
  • Crockett reveals to Natalie that he is not getting back together with his wife and he’s willing to make the relationship work.