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Season 1, Episode 16
Air date May 3, 2016
Written by Eli Talbert
Directed by Ami Mann
Runtime 42 m
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Disorder is the sixteenth episode of Season 1 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Charles and Dr. Rhodes misdiagnose a patient with mental and heart problems with dementia. Meanwhile, Dr. Manning and Reese treat a dog biting victim, Dr. Choi tags alongs with the paramedics and receives a call from a burn victim who lives like a hoarder. Also, Sharon warns everyone at the hospital to be on their professional behavior when the Joint Commission visits.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jayne Atkinson as Laura Clay
  • Francis Guinan as Nathan Clay
  • McKenzie Chinn as Tara
  • Karen Aldridge as Doctor Kendra Perrington
  • Tosin Morohunfola as Doctor Allan Vorspan
  • Si Osborne as Paul
  • Ed Gass as Martin
  • Hannaha Hall as Dana
  • Emjoy Gavino as Doctor Harper
  • Susan Fay as Mabel

Notes and Trivia

  • This episode is the first to star Ashland Thomas in the uncredited role of "ED Doctor".