"Devil In Disguise"
Season 3, Episode 15
Devil in Disguise 1
Air date April 10, 2018
Written by Stephen Hootstein
& Joseph Sousa
Directed by Michael Pressman
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"Lock It Down"
"An Inconvenient Truth"

Devil In Disguise is the fifteenth episode of Season 3 of Chicago Med.


Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese search for answers when a mother brings in her daughter claiming she is possessed. While, Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker are tasked with finding a way to save a pair of conjoined twins. Dr. Halstead struggles to get Dr. Manning's attention. Meanwhile, Maggie measures her options in the wake of her recent actions.


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Chicago Med 3x15 Promo "Devil In Disguise"

Chicago Med 3x15 Promo "Devil In Disguise"

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