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"I've usually found, Dr. Rhodes, that when given responsibility, people rise to the occasion. I know the last few weeks have been challenging, and I'd be lying if I said the months to come will be any easier. I have an impossible amount to teach you in a diminishing amount of time. You don't have to show me how smart you are, and you don't have to please me. Just learn."
—David to Connor

Dr. David Downey was a cardiothoracic surgeon at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, and mentor to Connor Rhodes. He was portrayed by Gregg Henry.


At the start of the series, David had already been suffering from liver cancer for a period of time. On one occasion it caused him to black out and crash his car, leading to him being admitted to the Emergency Department.

Downey's cancer eventually becomes terminal. Confined to a bed, he and Connor share one more moment together before David succumbs to an alleged lethal dosage of morphine, administered by Connor. This is never shown on screen and is never addressed, nor does Connor suffer any repercussions for it.


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