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Template:Infobox character Claire Rhodes is the daughter of Cornelius Rhodes and his late wife Elizabeth. She is the sister of Connor Rhodes. She was portrayed by Christina Brucato.


Claire was born to Cornelius Rhodes and his wife Elizabeth, with a brother Connor Rhodes. When she and her brother were children, their mother threw herself off the roof of their home, although her brother later mentioned there was more to the story that Claire did not know about. Years later, Connor left for medical school, leaving her alone with their father. This caused Claire to grow bitter towards and estranged from her brother.

Season 1


Claire is at Dolan Rhodes Department Store with her friend and employee Russell, attempting to hang a chandelier. The chandelier falls and Russell pushes Claire out of the way, causing the chandelier to impale him through the chest. She follows him to the ED and looks on as he is treated by her brother Connor.

Connor and Claire talk, although she is clearly still angry with him, and eventually she dismisses him and tells him to just take care of Russell. Later, she finds herself aligned with Connor when the two of them argue with their father over who will pay for Russell's medical bills, causing her to warm up slightly to her estranged sibling.


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