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Caroline "CeCe" Charles was the first and fourth wife (after their re-marriage) of Daniel Charles. She was portrayed by Paula Newsome.


When CeCe returns to Chicago to participate in a clinical trial in hopes of curing her lymphoma, she reconnects with Daniel and they eventually re-marry. She passes away during a trip to one of their favorite resorts.

Season Five

Never Going Back to Normal

She encourages Daniel to cut their honeymoon short so he can lend an extra hand in the ED after Natalie and Will are attacked. She reconnects with Crockett Marcel, whom she met when she was going though her clinical trial.

In the Valley of the Shadows

While in the kitchen, CeCe falls and breaks her wrist. Instead of a cast, she insists on getting a risky surgery, unable to bear the thought of losing one hand for four weeks, given the little time she has left. Daniel and her oncologist strongly advise against getting the surgery as it puts her at extreme risk for infection, but she insists. Daniel eventually manages to convince her to not have the surgery, and offers to help her in the kitchen.

Got a Friend in Me

CeCe starts volunteering in the chemotherapy ward where she discovers Maggie receiving her breast cancer treatment. Maggie is initially displeased, but she allows CeCe to sit with her, and CeCe convinces her to share her condition with her colleagues. That night, Daniel is horrified when he learns that she has secretly planned to reunite Sharon and Bert by inviting both of them for dinner without the other one knowing.

Memorable Quotes

(to Daniel): "You best not mess up my Baked Alaska."


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Season 5 Appearances
"Never Going Back to Normal"

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