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Template:Infobox Character Bert Goodwin is the ex-husband of Sharon Goodwin. He is portrayed by Gregory Alan Williams.


Bert and Sharon have three children together: Michael, Tara and David.

During season 2, Bert walks out on his 35-year marriage with Sharon, leaving her devastated. He makes several appearances in the Emergency Department with his new girlfriend Layla Dempsey, much to everyone's discomfort. After Layla passes away, Bert is hospitalized for a suicide attempt.

During season 5, following an attempt by Caroline Charles to reunite them, he and Sharon have cautiously started to reconcile, and by the time of In the Name of Love they are having drinks every week. In Just a River in Egypt he also reconciles with Michael, who harbors a lot of contempt for him for walking out on his marriage. Sharon explains to Michael that there are always two sides to a story, and that every ending of a relationship is complicated, especially when that relationship lasted for thirty-five years.


Season 2 Appearances
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