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Template:Infobox CharacterBarry Vaughn is a former ambulance driver for an unknown ambulance company servicing Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. He was portrayed by James Vincent Meredith.


Barry is introduced in season 3, sharing a history with Maggie Lockwood. Their relationship has been strained for years due to Barry cheating on her in the past while they were in a relationship. They eventually reconcile.

Season Three

Down By Law

While Barry and Natalie Manning are attempting to load a victim of a drive-by shooting into an ambulance, the shooter returns for another pass. Barry draws a gun and returns fire, as well as pushing Natalie out of the way, saving her life.

It is later revealed that Barry changed his name from when he was a juvenile, in an attempt to escape his criminal record of aggravated battery. Due to never disclosing this when obtaining his permit, it was legally invalid, and Barry was charged for carrying a gun and firing it without a license.


Season 3 Appearances
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"Down By Law"

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