Ava Bekker was a Attending cardiothoracic surgeon at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.


Before coming to complete her CT fellowship at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, Ava worked in Groote Schuur, an estate in Capetown, South Africa. She worked under the mentorship of world-famous heart surgeon Dr. Marvin Jaffrey.

Season 5

Never Going Back To Normal

Following the death of Connor's father, Bekker and Connor are both interviewed by the police. In anger, Connor confronts Bekker about her killing his father in order for them to be together, however Bekker denies all of these allegations and files a report with HR about the incident.

Dr Latham, wanting his department to get back to normal, decides to test the insulin which caused Cornelious Rhodes' death as a last-ditch attempt. It was tainted with chromium which is traceable while the insulin isn't. Realising that she was soon to be caught, Ava walks away while Connor follows and begs to allow to run away and never be seen again by Connor. She says that she did it for him and they could've been happy if Connor hadn't ruined it. After deeming him ungrateful, Ava then cuts her own throat and is taken into surgery by Connor and Dr Latham.

She dies on the table. This upset Connor an extreme amount as he tries to revive her.


  • She is from South Africa.
  • Her blood type is O negative.
  • She killed Connor's father.
  • Her time of death was 16:22.
  • Before being at Med, She was under the wing of Dr. Marvin Jaffrey.



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